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Get ready for the 49th Gijón Film Festival

festival de cine de gijon 2011 Get ready for the 49th Gijón Film FestivalAs is the custom each year, Gijón is in the throes of preparing the Gijón Film Festival. This festival, the first edition of which was held in 1963, never ceases to amaze us year after year, and this new 49th edition includes more than just films. It has a flexible, open programme, with activities such as courses, round tables, meetings with directors and concerts every day, as well as parties with live music. Without forgetting that Gijón is committed to new directors and new ways of expression, in a festival that is receptive to the latest trends, new proposals and new paths.

In the Official Section the films included are beyond what is considered conventional; for instance, the psychological thriller by the winner of two awards at Sundance, Jeff Nichols, in the drama The Future.. Jonathan CaounetteBouli Lanners, Nicolás Klotz and Bruno Dumont will also be repeating.  The French director Mia Hansen-Love presents Un amour de jeunesse which was acclaimed by the current French film critics and public. The best from the Swedish film scene by Ruben Ostlund with Play. And the Latin American film industry will be represented by Santiago Mitre with El estudiante. These are just some of the jewels presented in the Official Section of the 49th edition of Gijón Film Festival.

The EnfantsTerribles Section will again be offering the best films for children and adolescents. From cartoon comedies to social conflicts involving adolescents.

The Esbilla Section includes a great selection of films which, for one reason or another do not meet the standard of the Official Section, but are considered worthy of being included in the festival.

 The Llendes Section includes films that are considered unorthodox, with more daring works that cannot be included in the main section.

We will also have the chance to ponder on issues related to philosophy and films in the Universo Media Section.

Retrospectives and cycles; the past and present of the film industry come together in these  retrospective tributes with the projection of films by authors such as Tscherkassky, Hadjithomas and Joreige or Lucrecia Martel, among others.

Through the section No nos cuentes películas… ¡Hazlas! (Don’t tell stories .. create them!) the festival offers young Asturians the opportunity to develop their initiative, creativity, teamwork and enterprising spirit.

And of course, the festival also includes the Noche del corto español  (Spanish short film night), which is now the most long-awaited section for those who have embarked on a career directing short films or decided to use them as their mode of expression.

Once again, Día D´Asturies highlights the commitment of Gijón Film Festival to Asturian film productions and directors.

Gijón Film Festival also promotes external activities. The 3rd edition of its music section, the Minifestival ( TheFiesta) has an interesting programme. Tickets are now on sale, so be sure to hurry!

The Gijón Film Festival  will keep you abreast of the all latest events and last-minute news.

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