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The comic fair returns to Gijón

festival comic gijon The comic fair returns to GijónThis October, as is the custom each year, Gijón will be hosting the 35th edition of the Principality of Asturias Comic Fair including an exhibition entitled The Man from the Stars; entrance is free.

The exhibition, held at the Cultural Centre at the Old Institute of Gijón, is on from 10 to 15 October.  This 35th edition of the Comic Fair includes original works by  Jean-Claude Mézières, a French comic writer and illustrator who is famous for creating and drawing the science fiction comic Valerian, spatio-temporal agent, and also for his work as a designer in various film projects and for cooperating with Luc Besson in The Fifth Element. Apart from his work as an illustrator, he has given many courses on comic-writing at French universities and received many prizes for his work.

This event is not to be missed by comic-enthusiasts and in particular, those who like science fiction..

 Don’t forget!  Make sure you are in Gijón from 2 – 10 October for the 35th Principality of Asturias Comic Fair. The Man from the Stars exhibition.







  1. Anthony
    Publicado el August 1, 2012 a las 7:56 am | Enlace a este comentario

    Would you please advise if the Principality of Asturias Comic Fair is being held in Gijon in October 2012 and, if so, the dates and if the comic fair has a web-site?

    Thank you from Canberra, Australia

  2. Anthony
    Publicado el August 3, 2012 a las 9:41 am | Enlace a este comentario

    Thank you.

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