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The best quality cider in Gijón de Sidra® 2011


“What is it about this cider that tastes so good?  The more I drink it, the more I want to drink”; those were the words of a well-known singer and composer from Asturias and we would probably say he was right after consulting our Cidermap of  Gijón…

The third edition of GijóndeSidra® – AsturiasdeSidra® 2011 is on from 7-16 October. For ten days, people from Gijón and tourists can visit the 34 cider houses taking part. The most curious thing about this event is that each of the 34 houses taking part obtains its cider from just one cider press. Quality is assured, as each type of cider has been selected by a tasting committee.

Gijón de Sidra has everything planned; as drinking cider usually whets the “appetite”, for a modest price of €2.90 you can have a bottle of cider accompanied by a cazuelina (a small serving of exquisitely-prepared food). If you are with a group, €3.90 entitles you to a bottle cider and a cazuelona (large serving of food) for 3 or 4 people. These prices are well worth it!

To make sure you don’t get lost, the Cidermap proposes routes for visiting the cider houses taking part and a map of the 34 cider presses, with their names, locations, and the variety of cider produced… It also describes the food on offer in each cider house.

So come to Gijón and have a glass of cider,.. or even a few glasses!

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