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Pitu de Caleya gastronomic event in Gijón

jornadas gastronc3b3micas gijc3b3n pitu caleya Pitu de Caleya gastronomic event in GijónAfter the summer and its salads and light dishes … now is a good time to sit down in one of the restaurants of Gijón and enjoy a delicious meal…for instance,  Pitu de Caleya with rice. Don’t you agree?
To try this dish, we recommend you visit the Pitu de Caleya and Rice Gastronomic Event  which will take place in Gijón from 22 – 25 September. Many restaurants in the city will be offering a menu from €15, in which the main dish is this delicious rice and what goes with it.

What is Pitu de Caleya? It’s a type of chicken, characterised by its red, lean meat, since the chickens are free range, and aged approximately 1 year.  They are fed on corn, wheat and worms. Some experts say that the best chickens are “pitus de paso a nivel” (level crossing chickens) as they wander around near railway lines and have to run away whenever a train comes; that is why their muscles are so “tasty”..
Another characteristic of Pitu de Caleya meat is its flavour, which is much stronger and tastier than the usual battery-farmed chickens.
So all those of us who love traditional Asturian food now have the chance to enjoy Pitu de Caleya with rice in Gijón.
Bon appetit and be sure to enjoy this gastronomic event to the full!

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