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In Gijón, you don’t drink cider; you live for it!! Don’t miss the Gijón Cider Route

cider route gijon In Gijón, you don’t drink cider; you live for it!! Don’t miss the Gijón Cider RouteTo mark the start of summer, one of the most long-awaited and certainly most attractive routes for tourists and locals is organised in Gijón. The Cider Route; in Gijón, people live for cider!!

For the people of Asturias, cider is more than a drink; it is a symbol of our culture, and in Gijón we want to pay a small tribute to this fantastic beverage.

The cider route allows you to learn about the cider culture and enjoy memorable experiences.

In Gijón you can find cider of the best quality, as it is one of the main areas that produce this drink.  In addition to drinking it, you can also try “pouring” it, as this is the best way to serve the cider.  The way in which the cider is poured is extremely original, and requires great dexterity.  Try doing it; it’s great fun, so don’t leave Gijón without at least trying to echar un culín de sidra (pour a glassful of cider)!

In addition, you can visit the traditional facilities where the cider is made: the cider mills, special places where you can learn about the whole process, from harvesting the apples to bottling the cider.  It’s well worth it! You can also make a “standard” visit or try a more original idea, by taking part in sampling sessions, tasting sessions, cider-pouring courses or an “amagüestu” (cider serving ceremony) with your family…

Cider is also used in recipes, so a special menu for the route has been prepared: the “Ruta de la Sidra” (Cider Route) menu, which you can find in many cider houses in Gijón.  If you are looking for a cheaper and more original way to have a meal with cider, try the typical “merenderos” (outdoor restaurants) in Gijón, which is the most economical and amusing way to enjoy local Asturian cuisine.

The Route also includes time to stop and buy different products made with cider, such as tarts, jams or liqueurs, or relax with any of the relaxation treatments made with cider available in Talasoponiente, the modern Sea Water therapy centre in Gijón.

If you would like to know more about the history and processes for making this drink, download the Gijón Cider Route Guide which is available in English and Spanish. And if we have managed to convince you to try the route… download the  map of cider houses, “merenderos”, shops and mills that form the route!!

 As you can see, the people of Gijón make cider, drink cider, cook with cider and relax with cider..… Gijón is the Big Apple! Wouldn’t you like to take a bite?

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