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Celebrate the magical night of San Xuan (St. John) in Gijón

hoguera san juan Celebrate the magical night of San Xuan (St. John) in GijónJune is the month that hails the start of summer, and summer, in turn, marks the start of the festive season.  What is the most important festivity that welcomes the start of the summer season? The  magical night of San Xuan!

This festivity marks the start of summer in Gijón. The most important bonfire is located on Poniente Beach, but others are also built in diverse districts and parishes of the city, for instance in Tremañes and Mareo. At twelve midnight on 23 June, all the bonfires are lit, and people take part in a dance known as Danza Prima around the bonfires.  In addition, a firework display is held on Poniente beach. Don’t miss it!

This traditional festivity is celebrated throughout Asturias, to coincide with the summer solstice on the longest day of the year. The lighting of the bonfires pays tribute to the sun and drives away the bad spirits so that they never return. Other bonfires are also lit on the night of San Xuan, and it is traditional to decorate the fountains of the city with flowers and laurel. In Gijón, the traditional culture association Na Señardá is responsible for  adorning the fountain in PlazadelMarqués on the eve of San Xuan to make sure that everything is ready for the ceremony held at night, which includes dancing and traditional music.

After midnight, the group Blimayamigos will be performing live on Poniente beach.  The band will play songs from their latest album Blima Express which includes a mixture of jazz, pop and Asturian folk music.

And the party continues on Friday 24 June at 20h, with a performance by GrupoFolclóricoXolgoriu in Plaza de Italia. For those who would like to hear more Asturian folk music, the group LosCollacios will be performing on June 26 at Ateneo de la Calzada.

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