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Spring… a great time for shopping in Gijón!

 Spring… a great time for shopping in Gijón!Percyl Van Loft, trend expert, has come to town and starting now, he’d be the perfect companion for a day of shopping in Gijón. Love to shop? Love Gijón? With Percyl Van Loft at your side, it would be an ideal day!

April is one of the most complicated months in terms of styles and the choice of looks. The weather is unpredictable and the temperatures are not as high as we would like them to be, so the dilemma is: What should I wear? We must abandon those winter clothes and plunge – little by little – into spring fashions.

 A basic look for a day of shopping on the streets of Gijón is a flattering trench – from Showroom, Calle Cabrales 31 – along with a large handbag, a shopping bag (this is the canvas of CH). And huge, wide-rimmed sunglasses to protect us from the first rays of sun (Cubillo Optica, Calle Uría 38 & Plaza Instituto 1). Today’s mission is to find a great dress to debut on Palm Sunday and serve us well at family commitments over the Easter holiday.

 Just behind that, we have “Broker,” where we can discover a great variety of stores and fashion apparel from top designers. Opposite that, we find “Jane B” with its feminine and romantic designs – ladylike looks-.

 Without having to travel to Paris, for the finale we can savour some “MACARONS” at Pomme Sucre (Calle Libertad 26). No doubt, we deserve it.


Percyl Van Loft

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