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L.E.V. 2011 in Gijón

lev 2011 410 L.E.V. 2011 in GijónAgain this year, the L.E.V. Festival, Visual Electronics Laboratory Festival, will be organised in Gijón. It is a programme in which Electronic music and visual arts come together as a form of artistic expression. In this, its 5th edition, you will encounter a great selection of interesting works from the local and international levels, both by young talents and established artists.

From 29th to 30th April, at the LABoral Art & Industrial Creation Centre, the Laboral Theatre and the Atlantic Botanical Garden, you will have the opportunity to enjoy performances from the likes of Apparat with their metallic breaks and dreamy melodies that will introduce you to their more abstract Electronica. You’ll also witness Jóhann Jóhannson, one of the most respected and important composers of neoclassical music within the last 10 years, Pantha Du Prince, “an authentic alchemist of melodies and perfect harmonies,” SBTRKT, with their renewed form of British house music, Photek, one of the most important artists of the 90s that presents his personal vision of bass music and Harmonic 313, with their futuristic sound. And that is certainly not all. Check out the full schedule.

Apart from performances, you will also have the opportunity to attend other parallel activities such as workshops, which are organised in collaboration with Red Bull Music Academy, in order to allow the artists to share their motivations and feelings, tools and working methods with the public…thus promoting awareness on the part of the public regarding the various generative processes that surround the audiovisual creation process. Also at the L.E.V. festival, you can witness “The Particle”, a kinetic sculpture that experiments with colour, sound and movement…

As you can see, the festival, whose name was chosen as a tribute to Russian scientist and father of modern synthesisers, Lev Thermen, is already in the final preparation stage, so do not delay in purchasing your tickets.

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