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Antroxu 2011 in Gijón

antroxu Antroxu 2011 in GijónThe Carnival festivity, traditionally known as “Antroxu”, is celebrated in many different towns in the region. In Gijón, Antroxu is declared a Festivity of Interest to Tourists in the Princedom of Asturias.

This year, it will be celebrated in Gijón between the 4th and 8th of March; as is done every year, the Antroxu proclamation (4th March) will hail the start of one of the “most attractive” festive events in Gijón.

For those who enjoying dressing up, this year they can pay homage to Jovellanos by taking part in the fancy dress competition entitled People of Gijón in the times of Jovellanos, or design a recyclable disguise and take part in the 6th competition of fancy dress costumes made out of newspaper. For children aged between 0 and 12 who are starting to feel the Antroxu spirit, this year, as always, the 19th Childrens’ Fancy Dress Competition will be organised, as well as the traditional fancy dress parade:  19th Childrens’ Fancy Dress Parade.

The most amusing part of these festivities is the Concurso de Charangas (Carnival Songs Contest), which on this occasion will be celebrating its 24th edition; so if you want to spend an entertaining day out, don’t miss the performances of Os Brasileiros do Xixón, Los Gayoleros or La Batucada Los Playos among others. The entrance fee for each day is €3, and tickets are on sale at the Jovellanos Theatre Box Office.

Another humorous note will be added by Jerónimo Granda with his Carnival Songs.

On Carnival Monday, the usually annual floats parade will be held in the city, including the 23rd Floats Competition.

Music will be another important ingredient of these festivities.  On the 5th,  Jose Manuel Iglesias will be giving a concert in Paseo de Begoña, in homage to the great stars of national and international Latin music of all times. La orquesta Alto Standing will be livening up the Carnival on Monday night, with songs to suit all tastes, from 23:00h.

To end the festivities, on Shrove Tuesday, you will have the change to say goodbye to the Sardine, as is the tradition, with the “burial of the Sardine” in an emotional farewell ceremony .. while starting to think about next year’s Antroxu in 2012!!

As you can see, this is a varied and amusing programme for all tastes and aged, and you can also take part in the Carnival activities organised at Gijón Aquarium.  And, of course, this magnificent programme will be accompanied by various mouthwatering Antroxu gastronomic events!!

What more could you ask?

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