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There are 10 good reasons for visiting Gijón

foto revista pequec3b1a There are 10 good reasons for visiting GijónNow there is no excuse for you not to come to Gijón during the next few months; we have plans to make sure you enjoy yourselves, come rain, sunshine or snow.  Don’t miss out!

1. Discover Gijón following a “very sweet” route with Gijón Goloso which allows you to select your sweet route and enjoy specialties made by confectioners and ice-cream parlours in the city.

2. Return home refreshed by the properties of the Cantabrian Sea. Visit Talasoponiente , forget about haste, and enjoy a fantastic relaxing session lasting two and a half hours!!  Don’t miss out on the outdoor saltwater pool overlooking the sea; the perfect plan for enjoying alone or in good company.

3. Enjoy a large portion of sea urchins, washed down with a few glasses of cider.  One of the most exquisite gastronomic specialties of the region, but don’t worry about the spines and ask for a large helping!  They have an intense and original taste of the sea; this is a great plan from November to April, which the season for sea urchins.

4.Enjoy the changes in season.  What about 25 hectares of nature, just a short distance from the city centre? The Atlantic Botanical Garden is open all the year round… “wander through a forest with trees that are more than 400 years old, or visit a marvellous historical garden” and enjoy many activities at any time of year.

5.Go shopping for food.  You can buy Asturian products at the South Market or in any of the specialised food shops to surprise your friends on your return home.

6. Climb aboard a steam train and feel like a passenger from another century.  An exhibition with more than 300 items; during the Steam Train show, take a ride through the museum on a steam train.

7. If you enjoy cycling, the city has more than 21 km of bike lanes. Gijón Card offers you two free hours on municipal bikes and a 50% discount on rental, as well as complements for young riders.

8. Give yourself a treat and enjoy the best food with Gijón Gourmet. Restaurants with enormous prestige and quality at a modest price.

9. For girls only:  Women’s Thursday.  On the evening of the Thursday before Shrove Tuesday (known as Antroxu), the women take over the streets of Gijón.  The origin of this tradition is the Roman Compitales, and it was restored after the Franco regime disappeared.  On that night, the rule is for women to “go out in groups” and enjoy the typical dishes of Antroxu in Gijon:  spiced, ground meat, crepes and fried bread,…

10. Snow and Sun.  Gijón is less than one hour from the Fuentes de Invierno ski resort or the Valgrande Pajares resort.   Enjoy a day practising your favourite snow sports and when you return, take a stroll along San Lorenzo beach before supper.  Remember, the Gijón Card gives you discounts on ski passes.

You can now see these and other recommendations in the official newsletter of the Gijón Tourist Board: “Gijón”; the perfect gift for 2011!!

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