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Gijón, a Film Set

Gijón has been a witness to stories of “lovers who become reunited, years of youth, the deliriums of unscrupulous writers, stories about cops and villains or more recently, it has been used as the home of a comic dictator, a stage for a profound social analysis or an amusing comedy about adolescents”; the truth is, many film directors have chosen this city as the perfect place for shooting their films, as is the case of Garci, the Ulloas or Fesser who have not been able to resist its charms.

The following videos constitute a perfect example:

Below is a list of the films shot since the middle of the twentieth century, amidst the streets and buildings of Gijón:

The latest of these films is ‘Impávido’ by the screenwriter Carlos Theron, who won the First National Cinematographic Projects Competition of the city of Gijón, organised by the Princedom of Asturias and Gijón Tourist Board, with a cash prize of 250,000 euros. The screenplay of ‘Impávido’ was “perfectly” adjusted to the criteria of the competition, and has an “extremely avant-garde” visual concept.  ‘Impávido’ is a black comedy about thieves and losers”. The first images of the film can be seen in


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