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48FICXixón is coming, The Gijón International Film Festival.

 48FICXixón is coming, The Gijón International Film Festival.The preparations for 48FICXixón are now being completed, but this festival is not new, as it goes back to 1963, with the first edition organised by the Gijón City Council, which still collaborates with the competition.

This cultural event has become an important call for Gijón, and this is for a good reason as throughout the different editions many international professionals from independent film making have visited this festival, directors like Abbas Kiarostami, Aki Kaurismäki, Todd Haynes, Pedro Costa, among others, with the presence of the international jury or John Cale, Maria Schneider, Jorge Perugorría, María Esteve presenting their films…

This edition will be held from 19 to 27 November, when the films will be shown on the screens of the different cinemas in the city: by the Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto, the Centro Cinemas, the Jovellanos Theatre, the C.M.I. Pumarín Gijón Sur and the De la Laboral Theatre, films the juries will be very interested in: the International Jury and the Young Jury.

The festival is organised in different categories: in the official section, you will find some short and full-length films that have been included as they answer film preoccupations that go beyond conventionalisms.

Esbilla is another of the most popular sections among the public. It includes films that are standard in the official section, and you will find the riskiest ideas in LLendes, with the least orthodox films… that even represent a new experience in the audiovisual field.

Another interesting section is Enfants Terribles with the best films for children and teenagers on the current scene. Universo Media was created with the aim of considering topics regarding philosophy and cinema, and Retrospectives and seasons, a section where Directors that best represent the spirit of the Festival find their own space, with films by authors as important as Tscherkassky or Lucrecia Martel. Moreover, in collaboration with the TPA, the XI Short Award “Día d’Asturies” will be held to assess inventiveness, creativity and wealth of ideas in production.


Probably one of the public’s most eagerly awaited moments is the Noche del Corto Español (Spanish Short Film Night), with productions by beginners and those who have found the main way to express themselves in short films, who are gradually winning over more followers in the public.

Courses, round tables, meetings with the directors and concerts are organised every day during the Gijón International Film Festival, in addition to a new edition of The Fiesta, and a great closing party.

So if you are interested in the festival, we can tell you that this year, for the first time, a pass is on sale to see all of the films for 50 Euros, including the showings programmed for the press.

All of the concerts in the Sala Acapulco of the Casino de Asturias are free until full, except for the Closing and The Fiesta Party.

You can also enjoy the 2.0 festival in Facebook, Flickr, Myspace and Youtube

We can guarantee you that you will have a great time!

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