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Trips along the Hiper-Space in Gijón.

 Trips along the Hiper Space in Gijón.Passage. Trips along the Hiper-Space in Gijón is selection of works of art that belong to the collection of Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, that arrives to the Laboral, Art and Industrial Creation Centre that will be exposed in Gijón between 6th October and 21st February 2010.

Integrated mainly by facilities and sculptural works of high scale, the exposition has been founded to stimulate a contemplative tour, reintroducing the audience in the centre of the artistic experience, a journey immersed in another perceptive dimension that active the physical, the sensual and the cerebral.


An exposition that does not put the main focus on the visual, as it was traditionally, but recently more and more artists search for attracting all our senses, a perception that weaves the real and virtual, generates or ( gives ) exciting experiences that undo the unexpected and unpredictable.

You can enjoy of a tour immersed through its 20 facilities and works of great format from   international artists of great prestige.

The new technologies also arrive to the art, the capacity to face the change and the innovation is present in the works. And although our world experience is more and more mediated, our sense of the real is even more distort by the flow of information that arrives to us continuously through all type of  net  devices.

In certain way, the art allows us the relation with our environment, and in this environment the virtual reality is more and more real.

La Laboral, as an Art and Industrial Creation Centre that is, it is an exposition centre focus on the art, the science, the technology and the advanced visual industries. Thyseen- Bornemisza Art Contemporary ( TB-A21) was founded in 2002 by Francesca Bon Habsburg to support  the production of ambitious artistic projects. The foundation with headquarters in Vienna, represents the fourth generation of a family devoted to the arts. Within this frame, there has been produced countless works in all types of supports, emphasizing transdisciplinary pieces that put in touch the  visual designers with the professionals such as the architecture, the music and the  science.

This exposition represents a unique meeting of two great cultural centres, two centres  (linked ) or joined temporary in the same city, so if you visit Gijón, come to the Laboral, you will be surprised on the  inside and on the outside.

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