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Garci, talks about Gijon Gr.


There have been a lot of Film makers that have found in Gijón an ideal place to shoot their films, a Gijón that is witness of different and exciting stories : thriller, history, humor, romanticism,… Gijón has been a great set.

As early as in 1982, José Luis Garci found in Gijón the adecuate atmosphere to narrate stories. The film “Begin the begin” was entirety record in the town and without doubt, it´s an scenery that we will always remember because of the award that the film received.

From Gijón we always have appreciated this type of initiatives and pleased all the different films makers that have wanted to show Gijón through the screens; but now twenty-five years after , the Film maker comes back to Gijón and from one of the most pleasant sceneries of the film, El Molinón, that give us the image of Gijón.

Silence! If you want to hear from the hand of the master of the seventh art, why is so special Gijón.

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