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How to get to Gijon in Asturias

tren How to get to Gijon in AsturiasAsturias communications have improved in recent years and the region is still working on it: the AVE (high speed rail) from Madrid, and Musel Port.

These days, you can come to Gijon by car, by train or by plane:

By car: Gijón’s location midway along the coast of Asturias determines its situation as a meeting point of two major road links: the so-called Ruta de la Plata and the Cantabrian Highway.
Running South-North from the interior of the Iberian Peninsula, the layout of the former is defined by the N-630 Ruta de la Plata National Highway (Gijón-Sevilla) and parallel to this, the A-66 and AP-66 motorways (Benavente-Gijón and León-Campomanes, respectively), which facilitate ease of movement from the south of the peninsula: Madrid, towns and communities along the Ruta de la Plata and other road links.

The second major road link, which runs East-West along the entire Cantabrian Coastline, is defined by the N-634 National Highway (Irún-Santiago de Compostela), which in Asturias forks along the coast via the N-632 (Ribadesella-Canero), known as the Carretera de la Costa (Coastal Highway), thus enabling one to either head inland or drive right alongside the sea. This corridor, running parallel to the Cantabrian Sea, is now practically doubled up in the East from the French border to Gijón by the Cantabrian Motorway and Dual Carriageway (AP-8 and A-8), which is presently in diverse stages of construction towards the West from the centre of the Principality of Asturias to Galicia.

By train: The Railway Companies RENFE and FEVE link the town with the rest of Asturias and Spain. RENFE has possible daily destinations with Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante (except Saturdays) and combinations with other Spanish towns and cities.

The 21st-century travellers who choose to take a “cruise on rails” on the well-known “Transcantabrian Express” or Transcantábrico also arrive in Gijón.

By plane: Asturias Airport is located in Santiago del Monte, in the borough of Castrillón, and has connections with several major cities and islands: Madrid, Barcelona, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Paris, London, … For example, Easyjet has direct flights from Asturias to London (1 flight per day) and Geneve (1 flight per week).

If you want to come from UK, there are two routes by ferry: from Plymouth or Portsmouth to Santander (176 km far from Gijón, about 2 hrs.) with four sailings a week.

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