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Talasoponiente is a center for leisure, health and beauty. This is a new concept of a place that allows you to enjoy the benefits of the sea. With open doors to everyone, it has been specifically designed for taking yourself, relaxing, having fun and feeling good.


It is divided on different areas:

  • Thalasso Area: feeling the benefits of the sea throughout the year. Sea water contains over 80 basic elements in the right proportions required by our cells in order to maintain them in integrity and balance, which makes seawater a great medicine for mineralizing our bodies.
  • Aquatic Leisure Park: enjoy all kind of activities that revolve around water. It is designed for families, groups, children and adults…, where you can enjoy all sort of games and activities as: slides, cave with water curtain, cross-current river, children’s pool, multi-purpose pool, swimming pool, seawater pool with swan necks and heater outdoor pool.
  • Sports Area: Equipment, professionals and facilities designed to make practicing sports a wonderful feeling. It has a large fitness room overlooking the beach. Activities of a varying intensity and new sports fitness programs are part of the comprehensive health and fitness program offered at the center.

The offer is completed by the beauty and wellness area which offers various treatments to make you feel good. Talasoponiente also offers a physiotherapy clinic where you can alleviate pain through saltwater treatments.

Without leaving the center, and going up to the top floor, the splendid views of Cimavilla, the Sports Marina and Poniente Beach inspire us to enjoy the outdoor terrace of the café/restaurant, which offers a rich gastronomy menu.

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