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Cantábrico Tourist Train: The Biosphere Itinerary

trenes turisticos Cantábrico Tourist Train: The Biosphere ItineraryThis is a different way of visiting Asturias, this amazing region with opposite landscapes (beach and mountains, cities and villages, industry and nature…).

Estrella del Cantábrico Train starts with two routes: the Biosphere and the Alto Aller. Both of them last a whole day and will be on Saturdays in Alto Aller and on Sundays in the Biosphere, from June 12 to September 12. The price is 54 euros per person and 27 euros for children under 14 years old, including the train trip, the guided visit with a coach to places of interest and interpretation centres and food based on the local cuisine.

The train Estrella del Cantábrico consists of two lounge cars and café car and has capacity for 120 people. It is air-conditioned and has public address system, background music and fully equipped services. One of the cars, in addition, is perfectly adapted to people with reduced mobility, including the toilet.

Estrella del Cantábrico Train runs along Asturian lands from June to September with two proposals, one of which, the Biosphere one, has its starting point in Gijón.
The Biosphere Itinerary joins perfectly the mid-nineteenth century Asturian industrial development and the luxuriant natural wealth of the centre and east part of the Principality. In this sense, this trip ranges from the guided visit to San Vicente Mining Museum to a tour of Redes Natural Park; from the visit to the Collegiate Church of Santa María de Tanes to a tour of Deboyu Cave; from the visit to the Wood Museum to a tour of the Roman Road and the Roman Bridge. As for gastronomy, this Biosphere Itinerary includes the tasting of Casín cheese, typical of the area in the locality of Campo de Caso. This route takes place every Sunday between June 13 and September 12 departing at 9:20 am from Gijón Feve Station and at 9:50 am from El Berrón Feve Station for travellers from Oviedo. Return to El Berrón is at 20:20 and to Gijón at 20:50.

Information and reservations. Feve has an online service system and a call centre for Tourist Trains: +34 902 555 902, and in it information will be supplied about departure dates, tours, prices, ticket purchase and services provided by tourist trains of the railway company.
Tickets for these trains can also be purchased on line, in this case via the web

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