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LABoral City of Culture

 LABoral City of CultureLABoral City of Culture is the result of a transformation project carried out by the Regional Government in 2001. The principal aim was to renew the old building of the Laboral University of Gijon.

To understand the importance of this building in the city we present a little summary of its history: originally it was designed as an orphanage for the children of miners, but transformed during its construction into a Technical College. It is build by Luis Moya Blanco as a grand self-sufficient, utopian city. It had 100 hectare farm and was fitted out to train generations of working-class children as highly qualified professionals.

Built pursuant to classical architectural principles, the central square was to become the heart of this ideal city, around of which there would be a magnificent church, tower, theatre and management buildings. Around this monumental central area of the city, the rest of the buildings were to strike out, among which the diaphanous workshops stand out, which had been built to accommodate vocational training activities.

The best way to give new life to a building is to find new uses for it. And this is exactly what has been done with respect to the old Universidad Laboral. The majority of its 130,000 m2 are already being used every day by over 4,000 people, while other spaces are currently being refurbished in order to accommodate new uses in the near future. Nowadays we can enjoy the following spaces:

The theatre, the art center, asturian TV,  university of Oviedo, technical school, superior school of dramatic art, conservatory of music, the square, the library, the cafe, the Church, the assembly hall, the Corinthian courtyard, the tower and the historic gardens of the laboral.

The city of culture has a Visitors’ Reception Center located at the entrance of the building, which also serves as a shop and information point, as well as being the starting point for guided tours.

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