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European Maritime Day in Gijon

 European Maritime Day in GijonThe European Commission, the Spanish presidency of the European Union and the Government of the Principality of Asturias organize the 3rd edition of European Maritime Day in Gijon on 18-21 May.

This is the annual occasion in which the highest representatives of the political Europe speak to the maritime world. The agenda includes political sessions and more than 50 workshops focusing on: sustainable economic growth, employment and innovation, cross-cutting policy tools, sustainability and the governance of sea basins.

There are also outdoor events during the European Maritime Day Stakeholder Conference:

Visit the expansion works at Port of Gijon and the exhibition “Gijon PORT-CITY together”

Visit the robotic fish at Port of Gijon – SHOAL project

Vessels at berth

Participate in “Ho’okupu” and in the cleaning of San Lorenzo Beach organized by Surfrider Foundation Europe Ho’okupu.

Ocean Iniciatives – beach clean up

Visit the Jovellanos Integral Maritime Safety Centre and the Gijon Oceanographic Centre.

And for your free time, Gijon offers all you can need during your visit: restaurants, nightlife, shopping, nature, museums, cultural events…

Enjoy your trip!

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