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The Way of St James in Gijon

camino1 The Way of St James in GijonThe northernmost of St James roads, the coast road, winds through the green line that bathes the Cantabrian Sea and has one of its stops at the port city of Gijón. This pilgrimage route is part of St James network of itineraries and is known by the name of The Northern Route.

The Northern Route, distant from the overcrowding that the French Route now lives, remains an experience in solitude and in fusion with wild and fertile nature of colorful landscapes…

Gijón welcomes pilgrims to provide them with a resting place and a further stage of experience in their way.

Here there are some links with useful information for pilgrims:

Accommodation- Deva Municipal Campsite

Google Maps- Gijon in the Way

Guide- The Way of St. James in Asturias

Brochure- Gijon on the pilgrim’s road to Santiago

If you have any questions or need more information about the way of St. James in Gijon, please contact us:

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