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About Gijon

 About Gijon

Headland of Santa Catalina

First of all, welcome to Gijon’s blog. An initiative of the tourism board to make you know a little more about this city located on the north of Spain.

Gijon is situated practically in the centre of Asturian coastline, one of the regions of “Green Spain”. If we have to describe Gijon with one word, it would be zest. Its life and culture, the people, the landscape and the gastronomy mixed all together to offer visitors and citizens a great and different experience.

 About GijonOn the following posts we would like to describe all its resources and communications, but first of all, let’s make an introduction:

The built-up area of the town, which extends both sides of the primitive Roman settlement on the headland of Santa Catalina, occupies an approximate surface area of 13.9 sq km -which supposes 7.6% of the surface area of the Borough- concentrating 90% of the population, which in total adds up to approximately 280,000 inhabitants. The remaining 10% of the population is distributed over the 25 parishes of the Borough.

The countryside is characterized by an absolute predominance of meadowlands, above all in the central part of the borough.
Patches of forests dominate at its boundaries, coinciding with hillier terrain.
Inland, it presents a layout in the shape of an amphitheatre whose outer limits reach heights ranging between the 200 m of Mount Areo and the 500-600 m of the Pico San Martin (St. Martin’s Peak) and the Peña de los Cuatro Jueces (Peak of the Four Judges).
The river network, relatively dense though of short courses, is basically arranged around two river valleys: that of Piles-Peña Francia and that of Aboño-Pinzales.

The climate of Gijón may be defined, in this sense, as being temperate, with an average annual temperature of 15º and slightly varying annual average maximum and minimum temperatures.
Rainfall ranges between 800-1,000 mm/year, fairly regularly distributed, with the absence of very dry periods and the non-existence of heavy concentrations of rainfall at specific times of the year.

This is just an introduction of a wide range of posts where you will learn about us, our city, culture, customs, nature… We welcome you to Gijon, Northern Spain with Zest.

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